Monday, December 17, 2012

Another exciting weekend

Actually, it wasn't very exciting, but I was hoping the title would trick you into reading anyway.

We kicked things off with an early gift exchange as I'm headed back to Kansas to see my parents next weekend, and I was thrilled that Rachael got me a personalized ring buoy for the Seahorse. Unfortunately, massive amounts of rain kept me from getting a good picture of it sitting on the stern, but here's a shot of it.

Early Christmas present

I spent last week playing with video features on the camera and practiced making animated gif cinemagraphs. I haven't come up with anything too fancy or mind-blowing yet. (I'm nor even sure they'll be animated when I host them on Flickr, but if you click through you'll be able to see the animated versions.)



I used Premiere to make these, but I think I'm going to attempt some in Photoshop and Fireworks next.

Since we were stuck inside during the rain, there was nothing left to do except torture the dog. Rachael's dog Zoe became a dinosaur for the afternoon. The portrait session wasn't too challenging since she refuses to move while wearing the costume.


I'm in the office until Thursday scripting some new video projects. Then it's off to Kansas for Christmas.
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