Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy new year

Is there anything more cliche than the constant end-of-year best-of wrap-ups and resolutions for the new year? I've put this post off for a week trying to avoid it, but it's an annual tradition we must all suffer through.

First off, the world didn't end. I still have a mortgage and a bunch of bills to pay, but hey, at least we're not dead.

I spent Christmas in Kansas. My parents got a 3D TV, but they only have three 3D movies, so we watched both MIB:3 and Spiderman twice. They got the Sharp model with the active glasses. It's pretty impressive.

The weather was frigid, so I didn't spend much time outside taking pictures, but I did get a couple shots of cold birds.

Cold bird

And I stopped on my way to Pizza Hut to snap main street of Indepence, Kansas in all of its holiday glory.


After plenty of quality time with the family, it was back to Houston for slightly warmer but rainier weather. A north wind pushed all the water out of the marina. My hopes of sailing before the end of the year were dashed on the rocks and we had a beach where our channel in and out of the marina used to be.

Marina del Sol beach

The upside to the wind pushing all the water out of the marina while getting lots of rain, it was kind of like the toilet had been flushed. By the time the water came back Monday morning, it was very clear -- at least very clear for Galveston, Texas. However, it was still raining Monday, so I still didn't get to sail.

As I cleaned house and prepped for the new year, I took some time to toy around with macro tubes on the Sony NEX-6 and got a few interesting shots.

Argus Brick

Happy New Year

Need a light?

Being the first of the year, I'm halfway tempted to officially start a 365 project. However, I think I'll keep it unofficial for now and see if I can just post one interesting shot per day to flickr.

Although I did rig my spinnaker this year, I never actually got to fly it. I either had crew and terrible weather or great weather and no crew. C'est la vie. I will try again in 2013.

I did finally spend the night anchored out this year. I also had dolphins swim along with me during one sail. Maybe that makes up for the lack of spinnaker use.

I kicked off 2013 with a major workout. I'm riding the MS 150 Houston to Austin in April, so I've got to start training. I've ridden it twice before, but not in several years. Yes, I will be hitting you up for donations in the near future. I'm hoping to raise at least $1,000 for the National MS Society this year. Dropping a few pounds while I help those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis is just an added bonus.

It's back to work tomorrow, and we're charging right into four huge projects that are all due by the end of February. I'm very thankful I have help this year.

Thank you to everyone who read my ramblings in 2012. I wish you all the best in 2013.

To end, I'll wrap up this post with one of the most serene moments of 2012.

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