Friday, February 08, 2013

Is it spring yet?

The groundhog didn't see his shadow. Of course, it was already 70 and sunny on Groundhog Day here in Houston.

Sunny February

It's still hitting the 50s at night, but we've had very pleasant days for the past week. There's still a chance it could get cold again, but I don't think it's very likely. Now I'm just stuck waiting on the wind and the tides, so I can get out on the water like this guy.


The north wind has been blowing all week, which means despite the prediction of a south wind on Saturday, I probably won't have enough water to escape the marina -- even at high tide. Thankfully, my friends with motorboats have a shallow draft, so I can still get out on the water, but the Seahorse hasn't moved in more than two months. I'm getting antsy to sail my own boat. It's even harder to take when you get out in the bay and come across this.

Kemah Regatta, Feb. 2

I asked my marina if there was any chance they were going to dredge the channel. The answer was a big negative. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and move. It will be sad to leave the friends I've made, but at least I'd be able to meet them on the water instead of being stuck at the dock.


I'm headed back to the marina tonight. It's that short time of the year when you can actually sleep without a heater or an air-conditioner with open hatches, looking up at the stars.

Gulf King

I just have to keep reminding myself -- at least we're not snowed in.
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