Monday, February 11, 2013

Jankety bands and jittery gifs

It was an event-filled weekend. After a long Friday at work I collected the dog and headed south for the marina. Due to traffic I was late to the party, but once I got there the Friday Night Boat Band was in fine form. I actually brought a condensor mic and plugged it into an iPhone to see if I could capture some of the magic. I don't know that the recordings with the shotgun mic were any better than the ones with just an iPhone, but here's one of the tracks.

There was no rest for the weary Saturday morning. The dog, feeling slighted of her usual extended grass-sniffing time Friday night, was in my face and ready to walk before the alarm even went off. We toured the marina as the sun came up and then I headed into town for the February meeting of the Texas Photographic Collectors Society at Professional Camera Repair.

Charlie Chernoff gave a presentation on the history of Polaroid, made much more intriguing by the fact that he had almost every Polaroid camera made to display as he discussed the various innovations.

February TPCA Meeting

Another TPCA member brought in several boxes of books that his wife was insisting he remove from the garage. I picked up an interesting Leica brochure and a book of Stereographs taken of Hollywood stars by Harry Lloyd.

I had planned to spend Sunday sailing and shootings photos, but the rain put an end to that idea. Instead I took some time Sunday night to look through the new books, and I scanned a couple of the stereographs then stitched them into animated GIFs to see if I could capture the 3D effect without the assistance of 3D glasses. They're interesting, but if you look at them too long you get jittery.

The weekend wrapped up with an hour on the bicycle as I continue to prepare for the MS 150. This week the training rides jump from one hour to two hours. Good times.
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