Thursday, February 28, 2013

The new M is born

The new full-frame CMOS digital Leica M has finally arrived. I mean, MINE hasn't arrived, but Leica has released it to the world. Famous people like Steve Huff and Ming Thein who have spent years building their brands as "Leica guys" are getting them. Supposedly a few uber-rich photography nuts in Singapore were the first to have one in their hands, but they were required to buy sets of lenses with them to the tune of $16,000. Crazy stuff. One guy has already posted an unboxing video, but let's hope he's a better photographer than videographer because his camcorder is out of focus and the M is out of frame most of the time.

I have mixed feeling about the M. Sure, I want it, but lately as I sit in the midst of all my clutter and projects, I keep thinking about "things versus experience."

For many years, I wouldn't spend any money unless it meant the acquisition of something tangible. Unless I was walking away from the transaction with something I could use, touch and feel -- something that would last and create a long term return on investment, I wouldn't spend a dime. That meant no fancy restaurants because food is only for a moment. Why eat some small portion of fancy stuff if I can live on a hotdog? That meant no vacations. Spending the money to travel when the experience is over in a few days, and you're left with nothing did not seem like a good deal to me.

But now as I stare at the eight guitars hanging on my wall that haven't been played in years and the garage full of boat stoves and bike parts that need repair and reassembly, I really wonder if I made the right choices. Life is not about the acquisition of stuff. All that stuff just traps you.

I've slowly been trying to let go of the stuff. So far I've sold two camera lenses and some old car parts that went to a car I haven't owned in over a year. I know, it's not much, but it's a start. I think my large PA system and multiple guitar amplifiers that haven't been touched since my career as a rock star ended abruptly in 2007 must go next.

My goal is to slowly scale down my junk until everything I own can fit on a boat. I'm not sure I actually want to live on a boat, but I definitely do want to be able to use my spare bedroom and my garage again. Do I really need my boxes of Guitar World magazine? Do I really need the T-shirts from every blood drive I've participated in since 1998? Do I really need my floppy disks and cassette tapes? Do I really need drawers full of broken electronics "for spare parts'?

However, a new Leica M would totally fit on a boat -- and it's weather sealed!
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