Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What do you do when it's dark outside?

Saying that work has been busy is an understatement. We launched an entirely new program focused on early career development, and I'm now in the middle of converting our new hire orientation into an engaging animated video. Even with the onset of daylight savings time, I haven't been out with the camera before dark in a couple of weeks.

So what do you do when it's dark and you want to shoot photos? Well, you experiment with lighting, of course.

Last week I did some work on my macro and food photography. Shooting cookies is always enjoyable. I meant to shoot some Girl Scout Cookies as well, but ... they didn't last long enough.

Fat free [Explored 2-26-2013]

With the macro shots, I found I got the best results at f5.6. The macro tubes dramatically reduce the depth of field.

This week I took it up a notch to attempt some of the fancier lighting I've seen on strobist. Last night I attempted this boxing scene in preparation to shoot a friend for his MMA posters.

Eye of the tiger

This scene was shot at f4. It has a backlight to camera left putting the highlight on the bag, supplying most of the light to me, and creating an extreme contrast with the unlit background. A second light is behind me to create a halo effect and outline. (It was probably pointed a little too low.) Then there's another light to camera left in front of the bag to provide fill light. I felt like it was a good first attempt, and I like the backlit contrast for the gritty topic, but I'm not sure what to do about the shadows cast by the arms when punching. Guess it's back to the Internet for more tips and then back to the studio for more trial and error.

We'll finally be on the water again this weekend with an overnight sailing trip to Galveston aboard the Seahorse. Hopefully there will finally be something more interesting to shoot!
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