Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finally developed that roll of film

Back in January I popped a roll of Kodak TMAX 400 into the Leica M3 to try it out. I'd had some trouble with TMAX 100 and Ilford Delta 100 being underexposed when shooting indoors and ending up really grainy and losing detail. However, I'd never developed 400 speed film, so I was nervous about how it would react in Caffenol-C.

I don't know why, but I was really slow with finishing this roll. The 24 shots ended up spanning four months, but I finally developed it last night.

The first shot was from a visit to Austin in January.

Austin from the Omni

Then there was a picnic in Herman Park that took place in February.

Picnic in Herman Park

Then there was a trip to Offats Bayou in March.

Offats Bayou, Galveston

Followed by some goofing off around the house.


And finally some sailing in April on our new boat Gimme Shelter.

Mary at the helm

I was very pleased with the TMAX 400 in Caffenol-C. I used the same developing time I use for TMAX 100, but I added almost double the Vitamin C. The extra Vitamin C was just added on a whim after seeing the results some other users posted on the forums, not because of the 400 speed film.


I ended up with much better exposures with only slightly bigger grain than a well-exposed TMAX 100 shot. I'm really happy with them. I also switched to a plastic negative reel, which was so much easier to load than those stainless reels, and for the first time ever I had zero pink spots on my negatives. That made things a double success.

I've got to shoot through two more rolls of TMAX 100 and then a roll of Portra 160 and a roll of Gold 200. Then I think I'm switching to TMAX 400 full time for all my film work.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I found my OUFRO

I know you mut have all been worried and just stewing over where it could have gone to for the past week. It was under the bed behind some clean laundry that had apparently fallen off the end of the bed and then got scooted under the bedskirt. I found the OUFRO along with the M - NEX adapter and the Nikon - NEX adapter. I'm back in the macro business. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to shoot anything all week.

However, we did go sailing on Gimme Shelter, the new boat, last weekend.


It's sooooo large and luxurious compared to the Seahorse. Thankfully, aside from being a challenge to dock, we had no trouble handling her under sail.

Kemah Cruising

Mary and I are very happy with the upgrade. The dogs don't seem to care one way or another.


You can check out the new blog for our sailing adventures at

My entire week has been consumed by the MS 150, which takes place tomorrow and Sunday. It's my third year as team captain, but it's still not easy to get 100 riders and 50 volunteers organized and informed as to what they need to be doing. Plus, I'm riding this year, so I've been spending my evenings trying to get the last bit of training in -- not that it will really matter much. The furthest I've ridden is 25 miles. I have to do 100 Saturday and 83 Sunday. It's going to be two very, very long days.

On the bright side, through my impending misery I've raised $625 for the National MS Society, and our team looks like we'll break $50,000 before the weekend is over.

I've just got to survive the MS 150 and OTC, then it's finally time for a little vacation!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I can't find my OUFRO

It was raining when I got home last night, and there was this one little resilient flower covered in raindrops. I was like, hey, that would be an awesome photo. I ran inside to grab my gear and put a macro adapter on the NEX-6.

One problem. I couldn't find my adapters.

Ok, maybe the hectic schedule of the past few weeks has left my house, car, and camera bags a bit disheveled. It's not easy when you have different shoots every day that require different gear in the bag depending on whether it's photo or video. I also scale things down to fit a smaller bag if I'm going to have to walk a long way.

Usually, I can remember where I stashed everything and what I'm carrying. I distinctly remember the last time I used the M adapter and the OUFRO on the NEX-6. It was the weekend of the boat show when I snapped this flower.

First flower of spring!

I just can't remember what I did with it after that.

I spent well over an hour emptying all my camera bags, which probably needed to be emptied and re-organized anyway. No luck.

Then I started going through drawers where I usually put things I don't want to forget. I finally found all my European power adapters, but as for the OUFRO, no luck.

Then I searched the car ... and the kitchen ... and the bathroom counter. No luck.

It's time to do some major spring cleaning.

Thankfully it's not like these adapters are irreplaceable items, but it's still stressing me out that they're missing. Hopefully I just set them aside somewhere and forgot.

Sadly I'll be missing the April Texas Historical Camera Association meeting and swap meet this Saturday because I'm showing the boat to potential buyers all day, but I am glad to have so many potential buyers wanting to stop by.

Monday, April 08, 2013

When is a project finished?

I purchased my sailboat the summer of 2009. The 1984 Starwind 27 was a sad moldy mess that had been full of water for who knows how long. Four years later after too many thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of sweat, and an untold number of frustrations, I'm calling this project done.


Technically, she's not really done. This year I was going to replace the lifelines, put in a new galley countertop, and do some interior painting.


But I'm starting to realize that perfection isn't a requirement for the completion of all projects. Sometimes it's about meeting functional requirements and the cost-to-benefit ratio is not always high enough for further amenities or aesthetics.


Although she has provided me with innumerable adventures the past few years, the Seahorse is now for sale. With all of her systems working, I'm hoping to find a buyer who loves to sail. She doesn't deserve to be put out to pasture again.


It's now time for the next project -- an O'day 34 named Gimme Shelter, which we moved to our marina Friday evening.

Gimme Shelter motoring to Marina Del Sol

I'll still be blogging about photography and other adventures here, but you can follow the adventures of Gimme Shelter on facebook at or on blogger at