Thursday, April 11, 2013

I can't find my OUFRO

It was raining when I got home last night, and there was this one little resilient flower covered in raindrops. I was like, hey, that would be an awesome photo. I ran inside to grab my gear and put a macro adapter on the NEX-6.

One problem. I couldn't find my adapters.

Ok, maybe the hectic schedule of the past few weeks has left my house, car, and camera bags a bit disheveled. It's not easy when you have different shoots every day that require different gear in the bag depending on whether it's photo or video. I also scale things down to fit a smaller bag if I'm going to have to walk a long way.

Usually, I can remember where I stashed everything and what I'm carrying. I distinctly remember the last time I used the M adapter and the OUFRO on the NEX-6. It was the weekend of the boat show when I snapped this flower.

First flower of spring!

I just can't remember what I did with it after that.

I spent well over an hour emptying all my camera bags, which probably needed to be emptied and re-organized anyway. No luck.

Then I started going through drawers where I usually put things I don't want to forget. I finally found all my European power adapters, but as for the OUFRO, no luck.

Then I searched the car ... and the kitchen ... and the bathroom counter. No luck.

It's time to do some major spring cleaning.

Thankfully it's not like these adapters are irreplaceable items, but it's still stressing me out that they're missing. Hopefully I just set them aside somewhere and forgot.

Sadly I'll be missing the April Texas Historical Camera Association meeting and swap meet this Saturday because I'm showing the boat to potential buyers all day, but I am glad to have so many potential buyers wanting to stop by.
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