Monday, April 08, 2013

When is a project finished?

I purchased my sailboat the summer of 2009. The 1984 Starwind 27 was a sad moldy mess that had been full of water for who knows how long. Four years later after too many thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of sweat, and an untold number of frustrations, I'm calling this project done.


Technically, she's not really done. This year I was going to replace the lifelines, put in a new galley countertop, and do some interior painting.


But I'm starting to realize that perfection isn't a requirement for the completion of all projects. Sometimes it's about meeting functional requirements and the cost-to-benefit ratio is not always high enough for further amenities or aesthetics.


Although she has provided me with innumerable adventures the past few years, the Seahorse is now for sale. With all of her systems working, I'm hoping to find a buyer who loves to sail. She doesn't deserve to be put out to pasture again.


It's now time for the next project -- an O'day 34 named Gimme Shelter, which we moved to our marina Friday evening.

Gimme Shelter motoring to Marina Del Sol

I'll still be blogging about photography and other adventures here, but you can follow the adventures of Gimme Shelter on facebook at or on blogger at

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